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6 Unique Wedding Ideas

6 unique wedding ideas & tips for your wedding day.

1. Bespoke Wedding Invitations

Without worrying about having to rush your wedding stationery, you can think long and hard about the kind of design that you’d like. There’s never been a better time to make sketches, create mood boards and browse Pinterest for hours at a time.

Stylished Wedding Invitation Suite. Featuring white wax seals, sage green envelopes and gold envelope lining paper.




2. Unique Plant Wedding Favours

Time consuming – yes. Super cute and memorable – also yes. Perhaps not practical for a wedding at another time of year, these plant wedding favours could be ideal right now. With extra time on our hands these little suckers can be cared for daily, making a great present for your guests but a super cool new hobby for you too.



3. More Time For Caterers To Play

You may have been settling for a set menu or a beautiful – but standard – wedding cake, whereas now you can really take your time. Think Heston Blumenthal cakes or a Willy Wonka dessert table – this really is the time to think of the extraordinary. Again, caterers and cake makers will almost certainly be all too pleased to whip up some samples for you. Tea and cake awaits!



4. Brush Off Those Dancing Shoes

Okay, a little cheesy, but who doesn’t love cheese at a wedding?! Use some of your extra spare time to choreograph a dance with your bridesmaids, groom/bride to be etc. Not only will your guests be totally impressed with your moves, dancing is great for your physical and mental health – both of which need looking after during these strange coronavirus times.



5. Put Pen To Paper

Writing can be incredibly therapeutic, so journalling is always a good shout. You could use your journal to make wedding plans, but could also think about writing your own vows to your partner. Now more than ever it’s so important to tell our loved ones exactly how much we love them, and although marrying someone is a pretty strong statement, personalised vows will add that extra sentimental touch.



6. Let The Games Begin

Wedding entertainers will have plenty of great ideas here, so why not get in touch with a few? To make your long-awaited celebration as fun as fun can be, think about what games you can imagine playing with your guests – tug of war to let out all the tension from 2020? A DJ battle for a bit of friendly competition between the newly weds? Or even a treasure trail to entertain the children – the possibilities are endless!



Tradition can be great, but so can new experiences. At this moment in time the world seems a strange and scary place, so looking on the bright side and coming up with some bonkers ideas can really be your saviour right now. After all, being normal is boring!

Have fun, stay safe and make the most of this unique time in our lives.