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7 Things To Think About When Planning A Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding should be fun! There’s something so special about a beach wedding… Calming waves and pure white sand, but not all aspects are as relaxing. With lots of details to think about and the added pressure of ensuring your guests can attend your big day, there’s definitely potential for your wedding planning to be stressful. Have no fear though people – read through my checklist below and breeze through the nitty gritty details.



1. Send Out Save The Dates

Not everyone chooses to send out save the dates, as they aren’t always necessary. However, for a destination wedding I would strongly recommend sending some out. Flights and accommodation are usually cheaper the earlier you book them, so guests will appreciate your forward thinking.




2. Speak To Accommodation Venues

Even before your guests RSVP (and it may be an idea to implement an earlier RSVP date than usual), it could be a good idea to book out accommodation in advance. Lots of venues will only require a deposit, which will be worth it if you can feel safe in the knowledge that your nearest and dearest will have somewhere to stay.




3. Think About Your Invites

There are several things to think about here: Firstly, you’ll probably want to send out your invites as early as possible, and as mentioned, add an RSVP date that will give you plenty of time to continue planning. Within the invitation it may be helpful to your guests to add other accommodation options that they can book themselves, plus the nearest airport. You could even go as far as to include an itinerary, so your guests know whether to pack those snorkels or not.




4. Create Some Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets usually scare me, but for a destination wedding it seems like a smart idea. By creating a spreadsheet you can track where guests are staying, when their flights are getting in, who’s staying for longer etc. Organisation is your friend when avoiding stress!




5. Remember The Luggage Allowance

There are so many things needed when getting married, so remember this when booking your luggage in. Of course you’ll need your wedding outfits (which alone can be pretty bulky), but you may be taking stationery and table decorations too. Things like a table plan are best transported rolled and protected in a tube, so having a suitcase big enough is very important.




6. Accommodate All

There may be some people who aren’t able to attend a destination wedding, so having a videographer or live streaming your big day could be a great resolution for them. Your desires shouldn’t be compromised, so if you want that wedding abroad, you go for it – but it would be nice if your grandparents could watch it all from the comfort of their home, too.




7. Enjoy The Ride

Yes, there’s a lot to think about here, and yes it may seem more stressful than planning a wedding at home. However, as long as you start planning as soon as possible, everything will fall into place. Once you’ve booked the venue and your accommodation, you’re laughing! And just think, at the end of the day, you’re getting married to the love of your life in an amazing location. Good vibes only my friends.

Stay tuned for more wedding talk soon!

Holly x