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About Us


Our Mission

TavernCreative, Kent was founded with one aim:
Create luxury stationery without the premium price tag.

By streamlining our processes, hand selecting our card stocks and designing a wide range of beautiful templates, we are able to offer the luxury stationery experience with an inclusive price point.

Furthermore, we feel ‘quality’ isn’t limited to the finished product itself, which is why we offer exceptional service every step of the way. From the attentive design process, to the careful packaging & shipping, all the way until you open the box to see your stunning stationery for yourself.

We aim to wow!

Our Values


With our customers at the start an end of every decision we make, we always endeavour to make the process of organising your wedding stationery as streamlined as it can be.


We design fast, we print fast and we delivery fast - without compromising quality or service. We’d hate to have your waiting around for weeks to receive your stationery.


Quality is everything to us. It’s at the heart of every paper stock we choose, every printer we use and every last detail in our design templates.

Our Team

At TavernCreative, we are proud to have a talented team of professionals who work tirelessly to provide our customers with the best possible experience.


Ellie Bevan – Operations

Ellie leads our operations and is responsible for ensuring that our day-to-day runs smoothly. She works diligently to improve our processes and ensure that our orders are delivered on time and of the highest quality.


Chloe Sciberras – Customer Service

Chloe Sciberras is dedicated to providing personalised attention to each and every customer. She is always available to answer questions and ensure that your experience with us is a positive one.


Dawn Cook – Production

Dawn is responsible for packing and quality checking orders. She pays close attention to detail, creating beautiful wax seals, lining envelopes and tying twine to ensure each order is perfect.


William Harmsworth – Design

Will is our talented design lead who ensures that your designs look amazing and personalises them to meet your unique needs. He’s always willing to make any revisions you need to make sure that the end result is exactly what you want.


John Lally – Development

John is committed to creating new products and designs to keep up with the latest trends. He’s also dedicated to ensuring that our customer experience is simple, easy, and a pleasure. John works hard to ensure that our website and systems are up-to-date and functioning at the highest level, making it easy for our customers to navigate and find what they need.