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Hosting A Wedding

Hosting a wedding can be daunting and there are some of us who just need to make sure that everyone else is okay and having fun. Here are some thoughtful ideas to make sure that your guests are comfortable on your big day – they’ll be super grateful for your exceptional attention to detail and thoughtfulness.




Reserve Special Seats

If you have a few loved ones who you would absolutely love to be as close to you as possible during the ceremony, then reserve some seats. Not only will this make you happy, but those loved ones will feel honoured and really grateful to you. Your wedding entourage can be in charge of placing signs on the chairs or simply directing people, so don’t worry, no extra work for you.




Include People In Conversations

Once the ceremony is over and you’re mingling with everyone, it’s easy to feel torn between your guests and who you want to spend time with. Introduce people so that you can have it both ways – you could strike up a great conversation between your best friend and beloved Nan, soaking up the precious time with both of them.




Seat Your Guests Mindfully

Creating your seating plan doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Rather than following any kind of tradition by mixing guests and alternating genders, put people together who will definitely enjoy each others company. Not only will this please your guests, you’ll feel more at ease knowing that people aren’t going to start bickering. If they want to mingle and meet new people, they have the whole rest of the day to do that.




Make People Comfy

We always think of aesthetics when making wedding decisions, so comfort can sometimes be forgotten. Remember your guests who may find it difficult to sit in a hard chair, or may find it hard to walk all the way across the room to reach their seats. They’ll be really grateful for your kindness and will enjoy the day even more if they’re comfortable.




Thank Your Entourage

All being well, your wedding party, parents, siblings etc. will have supported you brilliantly throughout your whole planning process. If making a speech, a little mention may be nice to show your recognition. If public speaking isn’t your thing, a little note can go a long way.




Keep The Party Going

Baskets of flip flops can be a life saver for those aching feet that have been in new shoes all day; offer your guests some comfier footwear to keep the dancing going all night long! Similarly, a basket of toiletries in the rest rooms could be a lovely touch to help your guests feeling fresh, even after a lot of food and drink has been consumed.




Cater To All

What you do during your wedding reception is entirely up to you – if you want to dance all night, then do it! But perhaps remember those who aren’t so keen, by ensuring that there are plenty of chairs available and even a few quieter spots to allow your guests to chat. Some venues have speakers all around the room, so one end of the room can actually be quieter than the other.




Don’t Get Chilly

It can really taint a great day if the temperature isn’t quite right. The beautiful British weather may mean that the day time is really warm and sunny, but your reception in a marquee may be very chilly indeed. Blankets on chairs may be a good idea for this kind of venue, or even an open fir

Although this list is entirely focused on your guests, these little ideas are just a tiny portion of your planning. The most important thing is for you, as a couple, to be happy and enjoy your day – but for some that enjoyment comes more easily if others are happy and comfortable, too.

Remember to have fun with it and enjoy the process!