We have a wide range of beautiful finishing options for your wedding stationery. Whether it’s wax seals, envelope addressing, envelope lining, twine, wraps or belly bands – we have so many great options to take your stationery from fantastic to phenomenal.

Wax Seals

At Taverncreative, wax seals are our speciality. We make all of our wax seals in house to order. Each wax seal has a peel & seal adhesive back, so when you receive them they’re super easy to apply as required. They’re a beautiful finishing option to include on your envelopes, invitations, wraps, menus and more.

Envelope Addressing

Our envelope addressing service is one our most popular finishing options. Having us print your guest’s addresses will not only save you plenty of time writing each by hand, but it will also look fantastic. We can print in any font and can tie the addresses typography in with your stationery artwork.

Envelope Lining

Envelope lining adds a touch of class to the inside of you stationery envelopes. A small sheet of paper, printed with the design of your choice is professionally affixed to the interior flap of your envelopes. This ties your envelopes nicely with your design and adds a beautiful attention to detail, which your guests will adore.

Why choose us for your finishing options and extras? We believe in great designs, beautiful materials and above all… an excellent shopping experience. We offer expert advice, meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled customer service.

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