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Wedding Advice For Brides

Here at TavernCreative, we love all things wedding related, almost as much as we love giving wedding advice for brides. We are passionate about providing beautiful and affordable stationery, but we also really care about your big day and the excitement leading up to it. I absolutely loved planning my wedding last year (with the help of my husband of course!), so thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about our big day, and hopefully reassure you along the way.




Night Before Nerves

The night before our wedding, I had a girly sleepover and my husband stayed with some of his friends. I felt so, so incredibly nervous. My bridesmaids did a fantastic job of distracting me from my nerves, but they were definitely still there. Not only was I nervous about walking down the aisle in front of everyone (one of the only times in your life where you’re convinced you WILL trip over), but I also had the oh-so common broken family politics to contend with. With parents and step parents all attending (having not seen each other for many years), I was a little apprehensive to say the least. Socialising the night before was a brilliant idea for me, as we had fun and spoke openly about any concerns that I had.




Over Thinking Your Appearance

When I get stressed, I tend to get a coldsore, and when I have a coldsore, I tend to feel stressed about how I look… So of course, a few days before our wedding I developed a nice big sore on my lip. I don’t want to worry about my looks, but on your wedding day it is tricky as everyone will literally be looking at YOU. However, one of my precious bridesmaids did a fab job of covering it with a little makeup, and then the day was so magical that I forgot all about it. Appearances really don’t matter when you’re having the time of your life!




Walking Down The Aisle

I think it’s pretty common to be scared about walking down the aisle. Heck, even my poor bridesmaids were nervous about doing it. But on reflection, I can’t even remember it. It was such an exciting and surreal blur… All I remember is my 14 year old brother walking me down and clinging onto me for dear life. We were both nervous but as soon as I saw my husband’s face full of emotion, I knew that everything in my world was good. It is a daunting walk ladies, but just remember what’s waiting for you at the other end.




Feeling Distracted

I absolutely LOVE food – we had so much enjoyment choosing our wedding menu and sampling various dishes. However, I was on such a high on the day and was so busy talking, laughing and dancing, that I barely ate a thing. I would definitely recommend eating breakfast though, no matter how nervous you feel – you don’t want to feel light headed at any point. Also, I’d like to point out that the morning after I ate the biggest breakfast of my life, and loved every second of it!




Speak The Truth

Our wedding was full of love and celebration. We were so lucky and had the best guests ever. Emotions were running high, and the best thing ever happened – the broken parts of my family chatted openly, expressed how they felt and shook hands. Then once a little alcohol was flowing, they were actually incredibly cringe-y and danced together all night… It was the best feeling EVER, knowing that my parents were getting along and I could spend time with them all at once. If you’re in a similar situation, please trust me when I say that if they love you, they’ll be there for you and will hopefully move on from old fallings out. Life is too short and your wedding is too precious.

Although this is my personal experience, I really hope that you can find some useful guidance from it. The most important thing is that you are both happy on your wedding day, and nothing should get in the way of that.

Relax, take care of yourself and let the good times roll.

Holly x